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I am from Xanga and its weight loss/ED community. I started http://xanga-ed-land.livejournal.com/ on here and hope to see it start growing.
I once was ANA but then had something happen that made me go the direct opposite direction and got fat in 3 months. Getting fat was the worst mistake of my life. I still have my ana tendencies but try to be as healthy as possible as I work to get back to a skinny...yet healthy and toned weight. My goal is to be 120 lbs or under and working very hard to get there. I would love to be 111 lbs-107 lbs but not sure I will go that low. (that is the Ana side of me wanting control) Figure once i hit 120 lbs I will know how much lower I want to go. I have been in every BMI range and I know that skinny is the best one of all! I love the look of bones which my family finds to be an indication of anorexia. I think I can like the bony look and still be healthy. Maybe I am just fooling myself but if so...oh well.

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