get_fit_skinny (get_fit_skinny) wrote,

Cold but rain and no snow. Fine with me!

Well, it is raining here and snow an hour north but none here. I am happy with that. But tonight gonna be down to 8 and -4 wind chills. So its gonna be a cold one! That bad thing is that Maggie (mom's new puppy) does tell us when she needs to go potty, but if its too cold or wet for her liking, she refuses to go and comes back inside THEN does her business. So that is something we have to work on. ha

Somehow I gained 0.2 lb yesterday and did not eat much at all AND I was super busy walking up/down the staircase to put away the christmas decorations. I was so sure I would have lost today. Oh well.

So far today...well...I feel like crap and wanted some food in my belly because it was upset. But nothing tastes good. So here is what I have had so far today (its 2pm)

2 tbs peanut butter with 1 tsp raw local honey (300 cals)

something else I cant remember but I do remember it was 170 cals.

Soaking some black beans then going to make black bean, quinoa, and lentil soup to eat over the next few days. That will be my supper tonight.

To-Do List for today

Call the store and figure out the mess they made

Give Mags a bath




Put all normal home decorations back up.

Workout (If i can control my cough)

Update my listersgottalist pages.

Keep track of calories

Do not see me having time to comment back/check up on anyone today. But tomorrow, if I get my to-do list done today, should be a free day for me. I plan on playing in my planner, sending emails that are long over due to my best friend, sending really delayed texts back, and coming on here and catching up with everyone!

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