get_fit_skinny (get_fit_skinny) wrote,

Happy Saturday

I lost 1 lb yesterday and gained nothing from Thanksgiving Day dinner! So thankful!

Today I am on day 2 of being totally gluten and dairy free again. I will have a little dairy come Christmas with the chocolate trifles we make but that is just cream cheese and I wont be eating very many of them.

Still raining here and my yard looks like a pond. At least we are nowhere near the rivers and streams that will be cresting and flooding.
But I am so tired of the cloudy, rainy, and gloomy days. I need some sun!

Today gonna be busy. I took off most of yesterday. But I did workout for 45 mins and tidy up my room some.
Here is what I have to do today:
Go with mom to pay her bills
Go to her flea market stall and change some prices
Go to the humane center and look at puppies
(she wants one for Christmas if she can find one she falls in love with at first sight like she did with our last dog)
Do dishes
Finish cleaning my bedroom
(it gets messy when I put up Christmas because everything I take down in order to put up the decorations goes in my room till I can find somewhere else to put it. So my room is not dirty because of me...just cluttered because of Christmas)
30 minutes on Treadmill
15 minutes of back and arm exercises
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