get_fit_skinny (get_fit_skinny) wrote,

Happy Day after Thanksgiving (or black friday here in the States)

Black Friday. The day everyone is willling to beat each other up to get bargains on stuff they don't need ....on the day after they were giving Thanks for all the stuff they already have. smh

Well hello all! I survived Thanksgiving Day with no gain! I did good yesterday. Today I have gone back to being gluten and dairy free. I plan on cheating around Christmas and eating a few chocolate  trifles that we make but other than that I do not plan on cheating any more. At least no cheats till I have more control over my gluten and dairy desires and cravings.

My goal for Christmas present to to be 15 lbs lighter than I am now. That would put me at 184.2 lbs and only 5 pounds more get me back to being overwight and no longer obese. Around that time I also have to start seriously looking for a job. Doing some searching now in case something good pops up but otherwise waiting till end of year before I start looking for any type of work. By that time I will have no funds left and will have to take whatever I can find. Praying God will open me up a desk job somewhere (just not in a call center. That was my last job and I HATE that type of work)

I hope all of you are doing well. I am seriously exhausted today and not doing anything much. Played online some but now I think a nap is calling my name. ;) 
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