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Day 11 of 110 (-6.6)

CW: 197.6

SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: -1.0 lb
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 100

I am thankful for the one pound loss yesterday. I did not eat much so I am thrilled to be rewarded with a good loss. Today I am having my lemon and raw local honey water for breakfast, then a salad for lunch, and not sure if any dinner or not today. Trying for no dinner.  I am going to do my workout this morning, at least the treadmill part, and then tonight do the stretches and toning. I find I am too tired right now (read that as out of shape haha) to do them all in a row.

Edit: 5:20 pm
Well, got my workout done today. Other than that I have played online all day. lol Oh welz. It felt good. Just found out about an hour ago that 3 of the 4 nieces/nephews will be here tonight (in about 30 mins) since they are all going camping tomorrow. Sometimes I just wished we could have a kid free day here. They dont happen much since my bro comes by every day after he pics up my neice from preschool and they stay for a bit. I mean its nice to see him and them but I just want a no-kid day with no noise and no fit throwing. Is that too much to ask? But mom likes having them here. And this coming weekend will the have the other nephew here all freaking weekend since he wants to come down then since not going camping. Ok end of that rant.

Other than that nothing going on today. Which is pretty nice to be truthful. lol

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!

Food Log:
9:30 am- 1/2 Lemon and 1 tbs of raw local honey in 8 oz warm water
11:20 am (post workout)-2 gluten free crackers + 4 grapes + one 45 cal gluten free rice cake
1:20 pm- 1/2 oz chicken breast + 2 gluten free crackers
4 pm- small salad then I messed up and ate a little debbie snack cake which has 270 cals in it. Stupid!!!!

Exercise and Activity Log:
30 mins treadmill -190 calories (lower back hurts today so could not walk over 2.9 mph most of the time)
17 min streach vid to get into the splits (i am sooo far away from that. lol)
13 mins pilates (beg vid on blogilates)
upper body/arm workout with weights. 20 reps each exercise. 5 lb weight

Tuesday To-Do List
Treadmill 30 mins
Tone 10-20
Streach to get into the splits for 10-15
Deposit check
Help mom get ready for camping tomorrow
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