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Day 10 of 110 (-5.6)

CW: 198.6

SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: -0.8
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 101

Very happy I lost another 0.8 lb yesterday! Was afraid I was gonna see the 200's again and did not want that at all!

Today I plan on going low cal/carb to get ready for my water fast. I am not sure it will be a full 7 days but will go as long as I can. Anything is better than nothing. My last 7 day water fast was back at the end of dec and beg of Jan.

I am really....yes really...gonna take today as a rest day. I NEED it bad from the past week of being so busy.
Here is my plan for today:
Decorate this week and next week in my planner
Make a book mark lising my goals for the 110 days I am in the middle of and the goals for the next 2 months I have
Read the book I have been wanting to read this month but have not had the time (decided I didnt want to do this one)
Sleep any time I want haha (no naps but going to bed before 8 pm so that should count. lol)
Catch up with everyone on here and comment back
30 Mins on the treadmill
10 mins of stretches to get into the splits

***And if I really want to....I can do NOTHING all day instead! :D***

Edit: 2 pm:
Well, I finally caught up with everyone. I think I got back to everyone. If I missed you then I am sorry! Funny how 3 of us are all synced with our periods with month. lol

Edit :7:06 pm
Did my exercise for today and think I will now read in bed till I fall asleep. Really tired and have a headache. Well,  hot shower first then reading in bed. lol I was going to eat a salad for dinner but worked out instead. i did end up eating 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream but over all I did good today. Hope to see 197's tomorrow!

Night all!

Food LOG
10:30 am
5 grapes + 1 slice gluten free deli chicken + 1 glass of warm lemon/raw local honey water
1:30 pm
2 slices gluten free deli chicken + one 45 cal white cheddar rice cake
4 pm
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

Exericse and Activity LOG
30 mins treadmill -201 calories
18 mins of.... stretches to get into the splits + 1 min plank + 20 reps of exercise for my lower back

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