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Day 9 of 110 (-4.8 lbs)

CW: 199.4
SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: -0.8
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 102

So glad to be out of the 200 range again! Did not do great today (not horrible but probably around 1000 cals) so I may see it again tomorrow but I hope not. But if I do I will be right back out of it before tomorrow night. Going back to just salads and the lean deli chicken (just till it is gone) and then hopefully will start my water fast this week.... no later than Thursday.

The kids just went home...babysat them all day. Mom was not feeling well so I did all the cooking, cleaning, and watching of the kids. I am exhausted but getting on the treadmill for 30 mins in a minute. But wanted to stop in and say hi before i did that and then to bed.

I am taking tomorrow off as my rest day. I ended up being busy yesterday so did not get to rest then. I will catch up with all of you and comment back tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

Have a happy Monday!
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