get_fit_skinny (get_fit_skinny) wrote,

Day 8 of 110 (-4 lbs)

CW: 200.2
SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: 0 (no loss no gain)
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 103

Week One Weigh In: 200.2
Start Weight: 204.2
Lbs Lost: -4
Week 2 Goal: -3.75-5.75 lbs

Considering that my period started yesterday and we had the birthday party for my mom last night, I think the fact that I did not gain anything yesterday was a huge blessing! I do believe I would have reached my goal this week of losing 5 lbs had I not started my period and we had not had the party. But its ok. 4 lbs is still a great start!

Woke up at 6:50 am so there went my sleeping in today. I bet I take a nap, though, sometime later. ha

Will comment and catch up on everyone sometime today. Right now working in my closet.

To-Do List
Rest whenever I want (this was going to be my rest day since we babysit both kids tonight through 9pm tomorrow)
Organized closet to make room for the totes of clothes and other items what were stored in the spare bedroom before mom needed it
Treadmill if ankle is less swollen (it hurt last night and was pretty swollen)
Decorate next week in planner
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