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Days are long. Years are short.

The day may seem to take forever to get through but when we look back we see how fast the years have gone by. We cannot afford to waste one day because soon that day is a month, then a year, and then years.

Cold but rain and no snow. Fine with me!

Well, it is raining here and snow an hour north but none here. I am happy with that. But tonight gonna be down to 8 and -4 wind chills. So its gonna be a cold one! That bad thing is that Maggie (mom's new puppy) does tell us when she needs to go potty, but if its too cold or wet for her liking, she refuses to go and comes back inside THEN does her business. So that is something we have to work on. ha

Somehow I gained 0.2 lb yesterday and did not eat much at all AND I was super busy walking up/down the staircase to put away the christmas decorations. I was so sure I would have lost today. Oh well.

So far today...well...I feel like crap and wanted some food in my belly because it was upset. But nothing tastes good. So here is what I have had so far today (its 2pm)

2 tbs peanut butter with 1 tsp raw local honey (300 cals)

something else I cant remember but I do remember it was 170 cals.

Soaking some black beans then going to make black bean, quinoa, and lentil soup to eat over the next few days. That will be my supper tonight.

To-Do List for today

Call the store and figure out the mess they made

Give Mags a bath




Put all normal home decorations back up.

Workout (If i can control my cough)

Update my listersgottalist pages.

Keep track of calories

Do not see me having time to comment back/check up on anyone today. But tomorrow, if I get my to-do list done today, should be a free day for me. I plan on playing in my planner, sending emails that are long over due to my best friend, sending really delayed texts back, and coming on here and catching up with everyone!

Merry belated Christmas!

Gosh it has been so hectic in my life this past month. But I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and we all have a happy new year!

My goal for this page is to post and comment at least once per week at the minimum. Miss you guys but I seem to be falling away from here. Gonna try to be a bit more active in 2016. ha

weight wise...got down to 196 but back up to 200.2 after the holidays. Making up my Master Plan for 2016 for my weight loss and will post that by Jan 1.

Hope to catch up with everyone but that might not  happen today. I have so much to catch up on already that this, sadly, is on the bottom of the list right now.

Hope all of you are doing well! 

- 5 lbs this week!

So thankful I lost 5 lbs this week! Even with Thanksgiving Day! I lost 2 lbs the past two days. Today is day 3 of being totally gluten and dairy free and making sure I workout each day.

Will update tonight if I have time. Gotta get busy now.

Love you all!

Happy Saturday

I lost 1 lb yesterday and gained nothing from Thanksgiving Day dinner! So thankful!

Today I am on day 2 of being totally gluten and dairy free again. I will have a little dairy come Christmas with the chocolate trifles we make but that is just cream cheese and I wont be eating very many of them.

Still raining here and my yard looks like a pond. At least we are nowhere near the rivers and streams that will be cresting and flooding.
But I am so tired of the cloudy, rainy, and gloomy days. I need some sun!

Today gonna be busy. I took off most of yesterday. But I did workout for 45 mins and tidy up my room some.
Here is what I have to do today:
Go with mom to pay her bills
Go to her flea market stall and change some prices
Go to the humane center and look at puppies
(she wants one for Christmas if she can find one she falls in love with at first sight like she did with our last dog)
Do dishes
Finish cleaning my bedroom
(it gets messy when I put up Christmas because everything I take down in order to put up the decorations goes in my room till I can find somewhere else to put it. So my room is not dirty because of me...just cluttered because of Christmas)
30 minutes on Treadmill
15 minutes of back and arm exercises
Black Friday. The day everyone is willling to beat each other up to get bargains on stuff they don't need ....on the day after they were giving Thanks for all the stuff they already have. smh

Well hello all! I survived Thanksgiving Day with no gain! I did good yesterday. Today I have gone back to being gluten and dairy free. I plan on cheating around Christmas and eating a few chocolate  trifles that we make but other than that I do not plan on cheating any more. At least no cheats till I have more control over my gluten and dairy desires and cravings.

My goal for Christmas...my Christmas present to myself...is to be 15 lbs lighter than I am now. That would put me at 184.2 lbs and only 5 pounds more get me back to being overwight and no longer obese. Around that time I also have to start seriously looking for a job. Doing some searching now in case something good pops up but otherwise waiting till end of year before I start looking for any type of work. By that time I will have no funds left and will have to take whatever I can find. Praying God will open me up a desk job somewhere (just not in a call center. That was my last job and I HATE that type of work)

I hope all of you are doing well. I am seriously exhausted today and not doing anything much. Played online some but now I think a nap is calling my name. ;) 

Day 11 of 110 (-6.6)

CW: 197.6

SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: -1.0 lb
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 100

I am thankful for the one pound loss yesterday. I did not eat much so I am thrilled to be rewarded with a good loss. Today I am having my lemon and raw local honey water for breakfast, then a salad for lunch, and not sure if any dinner or not today. Trying for no dinner.  I am going to do my workout this morning, at least the treadmill part, and then tonight do the stretches and toning. I find I am too tired right now (read that as out of shape haha) to do them all in a row.

Edit: 5:20 pm
Well, got my workout done today. Other than that I have played online all day. lol Oh welz. It felt good. Just found out about an hour ago that 3 of the 4 nieces/nephews will be here tonight (in about 30 mins) since they are all going camping tomorrow. Sometimes I just wished we could have a kid free day here. They dont happen much since my bro comes by every day after he pics up my neice from preschool and they stay for a bit. I mean its nice to see him and them but I just want a no-kid day with no noise and no fit throwing. Is that too much to ask? But mom likes having them here. And this coming weekend will the have the other nephew here all freaking weekend since he wants to come down then since not going camping. Ok end of that rant.

Other than that nothing going on today. Which is pretty nice to be truthful. lol

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!

Food Log:
9:30 am- 1/2 Lemon and 1 tbs of raw local honey in 8 oz warm water
11:20 am (post workout)-2 gluten free crackers + 4 grapes + one 45 cal gluten free rice cake
1:20 pm- 1/2 oz chicken breast + 2 gluten free crackers
4 pm- small salad then I messed up and ate a little debbie snack cake which has 270 cals in it. Stupid!!!!

Exercise and Activity Log:
30 mins treadmill -190 calories (lower back hurts today so could not walk over 2.9 mph most of the time)
17 min streach vid to get into the splits (i am sooo far away from that. lol)
13 mins pilates (beg vid on blogilates)
upper body/arm workout with weights. 20 reps each exercise. 5 lb weight

Tuesday To-Do List
Treadmill 30 mins
Tone 10-20
Streach to get into the splits for 10-15
Deposit check
Help mom get ready for camping tomorrow

Day 10 of 110 (-5.6)

CW: 198.6

SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: -0.8
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 101

Very happy I lost another 0.8 lb yesterday! Was afraid I was gonna see the 200's again and did not want that at all!

Today I plan on going low cal/carb to get ready for my water fast. I am not sure it will be a full 7 days but will go as long as I can. Anything is better than nothing. My last 7 day water fast was back at the end of dec and beg of Jan.

I am really....yes really...gonna take today as a rest day. I NEED it bad from the past week of being so busy.
Here is my plan for today:
Decorate this week and next week in my planner
Make a book mark lising my goals for the 110 days I am in the middle of and the goals for the next 2 months I have
Read the book I have been wanting to read this month but have not had the time (decided I didnt want to do this one)
Sleep any time I want haha (no naps but going to bed before 8 pm so that should count. lol)
Catch up with everyone on here and comment back
30 Mins on the treadmill
10 mins of stretches to get into the splits

***And if I really want to....I can do NOTHING all day instead! :D***

Edit: 2 pm:
Well, I finally caught up with everyone. I think I got back to everyone. If I missed you then I am sorry! Funny how 3 of us are all synced with our periods with month. lol

Edit :7:06 pm
Did my exercise for today and think I will now read in bed till I fall asleep. Really tired and have a headache. Well,  hot shower first then reading in bed. lol I was going to eat a salad for dinner but worked out instead. i did end up eating 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream but over all I did good today. Hope to see 197's tomorrow!

Night all!

Food LOG
10:30 am
5 grapes + 1 slice gluten free deli chicken + 1 glass of warm lemon/raw local honey water
1:30 pm
2 slices gluten free deli chicken + one 45 cal white cheddar rice cake
4 pm
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

Exericse and Activity LOG
30 mins treadmill -201 calories
18 mins of.... stretches to get into the splits + 1 min plank + 20 reps of exercise for my lower back

Day 9 of 110 (-4.8 lbs)

CW: 199.4
SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: -0.8
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 102

So glad to be out of the 200 range again! Did not do great today (not horrible but probably around 1000 cals) so I may see it again tomorrow but I hope not. But if I do I will be right back out of it before tomorrow night. Going back to just salads and the lean deli chicken (just till it is gone) and then hopefully will start my water fast this week.... no later than Thursday.

The kids just went home...babysat them all day. Mom was not feeling well so I did all the cooking, cleaning, and watching of the kids. I am exhausted but getting on the treadmill for 30 mins in a minute. But wanted to stop in and say hi before i did that and then to bed.

I am taking tomorrow off as my rest day. I ended up being busy yesterday so did not get to rest then. I will catch up with all of you and comment back tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

Have a happy Monday!

Day 8 of 110 (-4 lbs)

CW: 200.2
SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: 0 (no loss no gain)
Start Date: 9/12/15
End 1/01/161/01/16
Days left: 103

Week One Weigh In: 200.2
Start Weight: 204.2
Lbs Lost: -4
Week 2 Goal: -3.75-5.75 lbs

Considering that my period started yesterday and we had the birthday party for my mom last night, I think the fact that I did not gain anything yesterday was a huge blessing! I do believe I would have reached my goal this week of losing 5 lbs had I not started my period and we had not had the party. But its ok. 4 lbs is still a great start!

Woke up at 6:50 am so there went my sleeping in today. I bet I take a nap, though, sometime later. ha

Will comment and catch up on everyone sometime today. Right now working in my closet.

To-Do List
Rest whenever I want (this was going to be my rest day since we babysit both kids tonight through 9pm tomorrow)
Organized closet to make room for the totes of clothes and other items what were stored in the spare bedroom before mom needed it
Treadmill if ankle is less swollen (it hurt last night and was pretty swollen)
Decorate next week in planner

Day 5 of 110 (-3.4) 7 day water fast

CW: 200.8
SW: 204.2
lbs lost/gained since yesterday: -1
Start Date: 9/12/15
End Date 1/01/16
Days left: 106

One of my goals for this month is to complete a 7 day water fast before Oct 1. I am running out of time so I think I will start it Sunday. I am going to be very busy and active so we will see if I can do it or not. I wont stop unless I get really weak and cannot do all the work I will be doing. Then i will have to eat.

I have 5 day leading up to the Fast so I need to start preparing tomorrow.
Here is the plan:

Wed and Thurs: 8 oz grape juice + Three 1 cup salads throughout the day + 1/2 cup frozen banana ice cream (its just a frozen banana whipped up and its just like ice cream! I love the stuff!)

Fri: 8 oz fruit juice for breakfast + 1 cup salad for lunch + the special dinner we are having for Mom's surprise birthday party.

Sat: Two 8 oz servings of grape juice

Sun-Sat: Water Only

Post Fast:

Sun and Mon: Two 8 oz servings of grape juice

Tues and Wed: 8 oz fruit juice for breakfast + 1 cup salad for lunch

Thur-Sat: 8 oz fruit juice for breakfast + Two 1 cup salad for lunch

After this go back to eating 500-800 cals and keeping it healthy.
If the 7 day water fast goes well then I will start the 10 day water fast for Oct on 10/21/15. And if the 7 day water fast sucks then I probably wont do any more right now. ha

Wednesday To-Do List
organize spare bedroom where mom stores all her craft and flea market stuff
Deep clean dinning room
Deep clean living room
Put up Fall decorations

Week 1 GoalsCollapse )

Healthy Living Plan (110 days Ends 1/01/16)Collapse )



April 6-November 4 PLAN

SW 224 lbs UGW 122 lbs
April 6-May 6: 300 or under
May 6-Oct 6: 500 or under
Oct 6-Nov 4: 300 or under

224 (Start Weight April 6 2017)

218 (First Mini Goa)
209 (2nd Mini Goal)
204 (May 6 Goal -20 lbs)